Best Limo Service for Prom Night

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With prom season just about to start, many of you will be planning how to make the night memorable. The most anticipated event of the senior year when only after the announcement of the date of the event girls start hunting for the colorful gowns and boys for thier ill-fitting tuxedos that will make them rejoice this day for the rest of your lives. 

But wait… have you decided the prefect ride on which you will embark with your special ones for the night since the arrival to this event should be memorable, right?

A special night like prom where one is supposed to feel regal; the ride for this event alongside your date or friends should not be any less. Before completing your checklists for this night, you must be wondering on how to get this perfect ride that will cater to your needs, will be fun and ensure safety as well.  

Since, prom is a special occasion hence it deserves no less than a luxurious ride like a limousine since it is a classical choice for good many reasons. How many opportunities you will have to do it again??

 A limousine ride is safe, comfortable and makes a great style statement. With numerous options available in the market, choosing the most reliable and safe limousine should not be a daunting task. 

First and foremost thing to take into account is the number of people you planning to be in this ride along with you. You need to ascertain that will the riding party going to be of two people, five, ten or more than a dozen?  Determining this will help you in deciding which limo will suit your needs and whether it will be a luxury sedan or a stretch limo like Lincoln, Cadillac, Chrysler or Hummer. Stretch limos have the capacity to accommodate forty or even up to sixty people and can keep your luggage too.

After deciding on the type of limo, you need to ensure that a licensed chauffer is booked to drive you to the venue and to the after party that you might want to attend. For this purpose, it is imperative you conduct a preliminary interview with the relevant company or with the chauffer personally to ensure that he has had past experience of driving teens to proms and is familiar with their needs, ways around the city like the pick-up and drop-off points from the doorstep and can adhere to the instructions given.  Also, the driver should be mature enough to not allow any passengers who might not be on the list on the ride; for this purpose it is better to provide the chauffer a complete list of passengers who will be on the ride. Ensuring a reliable person who can drive for this occasion will not just be blessing for you but a great relief for your parents even who can safely trust the chauffer for their kids for this night. When hiring a limo, make sure you confirm that parents can contact the chauffer in case they are unable to contact their kids. Your safety is paramount hence you should never compromise on the rental, type of car your chose and the duration for which the limo is hired for. 

A limo is incomplete if it cannot provide luxurious amenities for which this ride is famously used for alongside the above mentioned things. Teens attending proms have specific needs and might ask for a personalized tour if need be and might stop by places or simply swing by some places. 

Advantages of Using Limousine:

After considering the above points, let’s discuss the advantages of why you should hire this luxurious ride:

  • Set a style statement amongst your friends:

Since, this night is all about regality and making every minute memorable before you enter adulthood and head off to college, a perfect ride in a limo will ensure that your dress, hair and make-up remains intact through-out the night and is not spoiled which might be the case if you chose a regular everyday ride. It’s not every day that you will attend a prom and graduate, hence, use this night as a chance to ride comfortably and make a statement so powerful that your classmates are bound to remember you forever! 

  • Can Easily accommodate friends and other couples:

A limo allows you to enjoy your ride with other couples and friends since they believe in making the ride equally enjoyable as the main event. Riding in a limo allows you to enjoy your favorite drink, turn the music up, sing along it and take photos. 

  • Make memories:

In today’s age, where social media rules our lives and teenagers hugely believe in making their mark through it, this event allows them to capture the best photos in the backdrop of a luxurious ride and sharing them on social media. A ride in limo allows you to take photos in the best setting from the ride in luxurious limo to the most sophisticated prom event. 

  • Reach Prom safely:

Renting a limo will provide you the ultimate chance of reaching to and back to your home safe and sound and with a peace of mind. 

A night like prom is guaranteed to make you enjoy a great meal with tons of laughter, dancing with your date till your feet hurts. While you can spill some food on your gown or tuxedo or cry at the thought of graduating and parting with your friends; this should not stop you from making memories that you flip throughout your lives. So plan for this night by choosing the perfect ride, dress and activities so that your friends can talk about it for a long long time. We hope that these tips and details will help you in making your prom memorable and that you will follow and enjoy this night to the fullest!!!